Hometown Heros is the brainchild of Bill Harrison, a RCSD employee and former serviceman who wanted a way to honor his fellow countryman and women who have served.  He pitched the idea to Tessa Sedlar, secretary of the Alumni Association (at the time) and Elementary Art Teacher at Rensselaer and the project was born. It's purpose is to honor the men and women, from our families, school and community that served our country in the military. It also serves to educate students about school and community ties to war and peacetime service of our country. 

Bill and Tessa create the profiles of our Hometown Heros and have artfully displayed them on the walls of the main hallway of the school.  Each profile  identifies the Hometown Hero with their photo, branch of service (with a different colored ribbon), years served, rank and if they are an alumni, their graduating year or years enrolled. Hometown Heros especially honors Rensselaer school alumni but the service person does not have to have been an alumnus e.g. if you are an alumnus, faculty member or employee of RCSD, you can submit a friend or relative's profile.  

If you or your loved one (living or deceased) wishes to be part of the Hometown Heros project, please bring or send that profile information to:

Tessa Kent
Art Teacher
Her email is
and the school's address is 25 Van Rensselaer Drive Rensselaer, NY 12144. 

  Original photos will be returned, but copies are preferred.  A formal military portrait in uniform is preferred, but if not available, candid photos can be used.

The next time you are in the vicinity of the school, please stop in and see this wonderful tribute to our community's service personnel.

Vietnam Veterans is a listing of the Hometown Heros having service time in Vietnam. 


City of Rensselaer Veteran Banners

3/15/2017 10:12:00 AM

It’s almost Banner Season again! The City Planning Department will be taking orders for new banners starting in April and displaying those already purchased for the Memorial Day Parade.


As a reminder: Banners will be displayed and returned to the owner after 3 years (typical wear and tear). Due to the overwhelming volume of banner orders the city cannot guarantee specific location requests. Thank you for your patience and support with recognizing the Veterans of the City of Rensselaer.

Alumni honoring our service members on Memorial Day while spreading the word about our Alumni Association.