Membership in the Alumni Association is vital to allowing our association to contribute to the margin of excellence achieved by the Rensselaer City Schools. It's a small way for us to give back to help provide a head start for the next generation of children growing up in our hometown. That little extra level of interest and support could make the difference in someone's life for which they will be forever grateful. Your membership and generosity allows your association to continue to accomplish the important activities outlined in the annual membership  drive mailing. It also paves the way for future Hall of Fame inductees who distinguish our community and make us all proud to say "I am from Rensselaer".

We are grateful for the following people and businesses who have contributed to the membership fund drive this year. 


Membership Year 2018

Rensselaer "R"

Robert Ackerman 1970
Lynne M Beiermeister 1969
Edward Bonacker 1964
William J Bonacker 1965
James R "Jim" Cochran, III 1966
Jacqueline T (Chesbro) Dunn 1983
Michael Dunn 1983
Joanne (Van Dyk) Haynes 1970
Charles E "Ernie" Mann 1965
Anne Marie (Ryan) Marihugh 1950
William M "Bill" McCarthy 1968
Edward C McCormick 1971
John M Mooney 1975
John M Mooney 1975
Laurie (Van Vorst) Mooney 1976
Thomas J "Tom" Mulyca 1969
Robert Nash 1949
Jeanne (Loftus) Olson 1965
Francis "Fran" Pilato S&F
Dennis Piontek 1965
Betty R (Schermerhorn) Rice 1969
Michael Stammel 1972
William M Stewart 1971
Benjamin Thorp 1956
Jeanette S Whitbeck 1969

VR Patroon

Donald R Buckner 1951
Herbert J Carl, Jr 1964
Michelle (Tonkin) Coyne 1976
Bertrum Craven 1947
Gladys (Schermerhorn) Craven 1948
Joyce (Thomas) Daniel 1964
Alan P Dellehunt 1969
Lawrence D Dooris 1969
Daniel J Embree 1969
Mary L Fasoldt 1966
Joan (Keenholts) Hagy 1958
Mary J Irving 1983
Katheen "Kathy" (Baldwin) Keenan 1968
Richard P Kemner 1970
David H King 1966
Steven Lazzaro 1962
Virginia A "Ginny" (Colvin) Lazzaro 1969
Barbara (Finlay) Porter 1967
Dorothy (Shuhart) Pratt 1953
Warren Pratt 1953
Patrick Purcell 1970
Deborah (Irving) Reimann 1974
Nancy A (Fasoldt) Restifo 1969
Darrell L "Lee" Snyder 1964
William Staats 1950


Susan (Wirth) Balter 1961
Diane M (Watson) Bunkoff 1966
Sandra (Lischak) Carey 1967
David Chambers 1971
Robert Conroy 1967
Sharon (Craft) DeMartini 1971
Howard B Dickson 1954
Ruth (Keenholts) Dickson 1956
Caryl (Gray) Fuda 1955
Elaine (Heidelmark) Green 1970
Jane J "Jan" (Adalian) Hacker 1969
Diane (DeRouville) Harley 1965
John A Houser, III 1962
James "Jim" Konstantakis 1969
Pamela (King) LaCroix 1963
Bernard F Maskell, Jr 1969
Daniel W Mohan 1968
Linda E (Meek) Mohan 1969
Louis Mulligan 1964
Suzanne (Smith) Polsinello 1952
Carol (Van Dyk) Powell 1956
Jane D (Leahey) Reynolds 1976
Doris (Nichols) Roberts 1961
Ruth Roberts 1960
Corliss (Kaspar) Robichaud 1962
David H "Dave" Sprague 1962
Mike Storonsky 1946
Mary E (Biddle) VanLeuvan 1966
Richard VanLeuvan 1965
Frances A "Frannie" Weir 1967
Gertrude (Martyn) Werner 1961
Paul Werner 1961
Theresa "Terry" (Smallenbroek) Worden 1945


Rita (Lopez) Brown 1965
Marianne (Heller) Brownell 1971
Bonnie (Miller) Call 1961
Arlene (Nichols) Carroll 1963
Mary (Moxon) Chapman 1961
Nancy (Beiermeister) Ciprioni 1967
Diane (Morris) Countryman 1964
Gregory "Gregg" Countryman 1964
Margaret E Dickson 1952
Cherie Dominski 1964
Christine M (Emanuele) Donnini 1968
Maryanne (Richardson) Dronchi 1962
George E Foust 1968
Mary Kay (Thibault) Frankoski 1961
Raymond S "Ray" Frankoski, Jr 1961
Cynthia B (Bristol) Gigliotti 1982
Shirley (Dickson) Hart 1950
Patricia (Roberts) Jackson 1960
Beverly J (Harsiem) Kennedy 1966
Walter J Koch 1946
James "Jim" Martino 1970
Linda (O'Toole) Martino 1973
Richard McDonald 1962
Amy E (Kerwin) Mooney 1988
Richard J Mooney 1987
Gerald "Mouse" Mullaney 1965
Elaine (Harbeck) Nardacci 1977
Fred A Nardacci 1975
Ralph W "Nick" Nichols, Jr 1965
William Reimann 1974
Donna (Swedick) Smith 1963
Anna M (VanBuren) Sterantino IND
Anthony J Sterantino 1948
Roberta (Becker) Teliska 1965
Doreen (Smith) VanVorst 1970
Gary VanVorst 1969
Betty M (Sackett) Venema 1968
James H Venema 1965
Anne Walsh S&F
Marion N Webber 1967
Denise (Roberts) Wright 1983


 Kubricky Construction Corp. DA Collins Companies


Membership levels are described in the annual Membership Form.