The Alumni Association has undertaken the project of creating a list of members for each class year of the Rensselaer NY School District.  Members are listed with their class year even if they were not a member of the high school graduating class.

To find the roster for a class year, use the Decades menu items on the Class Roster menu to list the class rosters for the selected decade.  If a class year is not listed, we simply don't have a list of its' members.

You may also search by last and first name using the Alumni Search menu item.

As stated in The Alumni Association's Constitution, our purposes as a member organization are charitable, educational and fraternal.  As such, class rosters should only be used in accordance with those purposes.  If you are not sure, please ask by sending an email to the address below.

Please send any updates that need to be made to the class rosters to the Alumni Association at .