Class of 1948

THE CLASS OF 1948 is collectively being inducted into the Hall of Fame for revitalizing the Alumni Association from dormancy, and for starting the Centennial Award  in 1998. At their graduation, the class of 1948 was recognized as the 50th class to graduate from Rensselaer High School, which was started in 1898. At their 50th reunion, the class decided to recognize the 100th yr of the school’s establishment by creating a Centennial Award to give to a deserving student at graduation. A letter campaign was organized and it raised over $8,000. It was agreed that a $200 cash award would be given the first year, after establishing the eligibility criteria. The first award was given in 1998. Through bequests, donations and bank interest, the fund grew to $10,000, and the cash award was increased to $500. In 2005, it was again increased from one to two awards of $500 each. In 2010, a Medallion on a ribbon was added, and is engraved with the recipient’s name each year. In 2011 at the class of ‘48's luncheon, they realized that it was necessary to pass the torch for the alumni association and centennial award to a younger group, so an ad hoc committee was formed to stimulate interest. From those committee meetings, a dinner was planned to add to the fund, and to pick a slate of officers. The Alumni Association of the Rensselaer NY School District was officially established on paper in March of 2012, as a result of the Class of 1948's efforts.