candle imageThe Memory Pages project was initiated in 2014. Initially, capturing and centralizing the heartfelt words of relatives memorializing the departed was the focus of the endeavor for our alumni association. Recently, photos have become an integral part of each page when we can find one. If you would like to assist in this effort by researching and providing obituaries, or providing much needed photos, please contact our Technical Advisor, Tom Mulyca, at

(1) 1983 Angelina E Gigliotti (D)6 May 2024
(2) 1968 Deanna Lynne (Beardsley) Lang (D)12 April 2024
(3) 1973 William C Halacy (D)8 April 2024
(4) 1944 Donald T Gray (D)6 April 2024
(5) 1958 Marian F (Mallory) Fuss (D)25 March 2024
(6) 1952 Marcia J (Smith) Reimann (D)8 March 2024
(7) 1952 Thomas E Allen (D)1 March 2024
(8) 1982 Lisa (Wimmer) Clark (D)27 February 2024
(9) 1962 Cheryl Lynch (D)22 February 2024
(10) 1990 Scott Tedford (D)20 February 2024
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