Sandra Lames, Class of 1987, has just become a published author. Here is her announcement on the Rensselaer NY Alumni Facebook page:

****It's Official****
As of today January 11, 2018 I am a published author !!!! Words cannot express the excitement and gratitude I'm experiencing right now.

Please allow me a moment to thank a few people who helped make this possible (in no particular order) Ernie Mann Sheri Small Alberti Stephanie Davis Danielle James-Kilmer Candi Griffin-Jenkins Jill Kross Preston Stephanie James each of you played a special part in moving this process forward and today it paid off !!!!

To my family and closest friends thank you for your support and patience throughout this journey and for NEVER allowing me to give up 💖

Hope you all enjoy it and yes I am looking forward to signing each and every copy (I can't wait) !!!!


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