Minutes of August 21st, 2019 Meeting

Present: Joseph Kardash, Superintendent RCSD; Dominick Pitaniello, Principal RHS; Meghan Heimroth, Business Officer RCSD; Lynne Beiermeister, President Alumni Association; Deborah Reimann, VP of Alumni Association and Ginny Lazzaro, Treasurer of Alumni Association


  • The electronic sign status was reviewed and it was agreed that Deb would contact John Mooney to see if he can shed some light on it.


  • Lynne presented the draft Alumni Association calendar for school year 2019-20 and it was approved by the administration with the following suggestion regarding the Alumni Club/Student participation. The school is initiating a lounge for seniors this year. Joe thought that it could be our vehicle for interaction, by having an alumni board with our activities available to the students and their representative could contact the AA if students wanted to be involved. Alumni Association officers thought this was a great idea and Lynne will add it to the September meeting agenda. AA member Melody Towslee has shown interest in managing the display case and bulletin board, so perhaps she will also do the Sr. Lounge board


  • Deb said she thought it would be a good idea for us to reach out to the Music Dept. about alumni participation at the Winter and Spring concerts and Memorial Day parade. Lynne will put on AA’s Sept. meeting agenda.


  • Deb discussed the AA having more interaction with the PTA and PTSA. Joe mentioned that there is currently no PTSA. He said that PTA meetings are held at 5:45pm prior to the Board of Education meetings at 6:30pm, which makes it very convenient for he and Dom to attend and that the PTA is currently very active. PTA and AA interaction with events like the Trunk and Treat and the Color Run will be placed on the Sept. meeting agenda.


  • Permission was given for the AA to use the school’s copy machine and envelopes for the annual membership drive.


  • Centennial Award application, Lewis Award requirements, and Enrichment Grant procedures were given to the administration to keep on file. Joe suggested that the Sr. Lounge AA Board be used to notify the students of the awards. Enrichment Grant policy and procedures were reviewed and Meghan will notify Ginny via email when this year’s grant ($2000) is used by the Arts and Education Committee and for what activities.


  • Senior Breakfast will be announced prior to the day.


Treasurer Report