Alumni Association of the Rensselaer NY School District

General Membership Meeting

October 1, 2019


The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by President Lynne Beiermeister at Rensselaer High School LGI Room. The following members were in attendance: Lynne Beiermeister '69 (President), Ginny Lazzaro '69 (Treasurer), Marianne Heller Brownell '71 (Secretary), Jim Finke '57, Paul and Gert Werner '61, Nancy Restifo '69, Deb Irving Reimann '74 (Vice President), Doris Roberts (Ex Officio), Joseph Kardash (Superintendent, RCSD).


Old Business: Motion was made to approve the September 2019 meeting minutes into the record by Ginny Lazzaro and seconded by Deb Reimann. Motion carried.


2020 Golf Tournament Date ( Doris) – We don't have a reservation scheduled yet at Fairways for the Golf Tournament in September 2020 and Doris stated that Gerry probably can't be chairperson but is confident he can get 5 or 6 sponsors. Doris said Gerry will be having lunch with a bunch of the guys and would try to see if he can get a committee together.


Request from Heather Staszak/Back Pack Program/$2,250 – (Lynne) – The check was delivered and a thank you letter was sent from Heather.


New Business:


  • Treasurer's Report (Ginny) – See attached Treasurer's Report for September dated September 30, 2019. Ginny reported that $2,079 is still being held for the Riverfront Park renovations. 


  • Request for Literacy Program Volunteers (Lynne) – Doris volunteered to do it and Ginny

indicated that Pam Goodwin is the contact person.


  • Senior Lounge - Superintendent Kardash indicated that the bulletin board is set up in the room for our use and at the end of the meeting showed Lynne and Deb the lounge.


  • PTA Trunk and Treat October 24 from 5:30-7:30 (Deb) - Deb volunteered to do it on behalf of the Alumni Association. She indicated she is doing a scarecrow theme and will donate the candy.


  • Collaboration with the Music Dept (Deb/Denise) – Deb will reach out.


  • Open House October 3rd Volunteers Needed – (Lynne) We still need volunteers and it was suggested by Superintendent Kardash that maybe we could give a free membership to the Alumni Association at the Senior Breakfast. We told Superintendent Kardash that we already give the cards out at graduation and he said that if we gave them out at the breakfast we could have the students sign for them and also to include their address.


  • Electronic Sign – (Lynne) – The letter of Intent was dated in June and that 18 mo. from then (December) the offer of the $25,000 would be converted into a scholarship by the donors if it wasn't built by then. Lynne arranged a meeting with John Mooney and Superintendent Kardash and herself following the meeting this evening to try and resurrect the committee.




Open Discussion:

  • Ginny inquired as to when the City is going to be looking for the money for the playground? Deb indicated that she reached out to them and was told that Julie Bink at City Hall will follow up on it.

  • Lynne indicated that the draft of the letter for the membership drive will be ready for the November meeting.


Meeting adjourned: 7:00 pm

Next meeting: November 5th at 6:30 pm in the LGI Room.


Respectfully submitted,

Marianne Heller Brownell '71