25 Van Rensselaer Dr., Rensselaer, NY 12144

November 2022

Dear Fellow Alumnus-

Quick - what's the difference between a Rensselaer Alumnus (or Alumnae) and a Rensselaer Alumni?
Answer? A membership application.

By having attended the Rensselaer City School District, each of us is an alumnus. But - the Alumni Association members have filled out an application and mailed it along with a donation check. This application is renewed annually. The cards given to recent graduates expire after one year, and you need to renew annually to maintain your affiliation with the Association.

What do you get as a Rensselaer Alumni Association member? Information about meetings, minutes from the sessions, information about our activities, and the right to vote to approve or disapprove of expenditures to enhance the school experience of current students. You also get a membership card with your first application.

Just recently, one Alumni asked if we could do something to acknowledge the school’s veterans. (We have a wall of honor, you know). We began to chew on that idea and we will be presenting honor cords for graduation to students who are going into the military. We’ve asked the Art department to help us in putting buttons together for relatives of those whose pictures are on the Wall of Honor. The Alumni web page shows activities we’ve been doing for years as well as new ideas we’re adopting.

While you’re there, look at the Alumni Hall of Fame Nomination Form—you might know a great candidate you could nominate for the prestigious honor, maybe even yourself. If you live in the Capital District, join us at our meetings, which are held in the new school. If you aren’t nearby, you can join us on our You Tube channel.

And please, join us at the Annual Hall of Fame Dinner - this year on April 29, 2023, at the Franklin Terrace Ballroom in Troy (which used to be Mario's). We always have a nice time, old friendships are renewed and people who moved away get to see how the city has changed since they last saw it. If you don't have a computer or iPhone access, put a note in the envelope with your application, and we'll work something out so you can stay informed.

Please visit this website and Facebook (RenssSchoolsAlumni) to keep up with our news and reunite with classmates. New this year, you can find us on Instagram (rcsdalumni). There is also a link to the Alumni web page on the school’s website - rcsd.k12.ny.us, then rensselaernyalumni.org. We would love to have your input! On behalf of the other officers, the Alumni Association membership & RCSD students, I would like to thank you for your generosity and interest.


Kathy Baldwin Keenan, President
Alumni Association of the Rensselaer NY School District

P.S. we are in desperate need of a Secretary to take notes during the meetings and turn them into minutes.

 Membership Form

 Hall of Fame Nomination Form